Tyutchev 2
skill 10
stamina 12
Preferred Weapon Bastard Sword
Homeland Orb
Race/Species Human

Tyutchev is a rogue who appears in the gamebook Talisman of Death and its later spin-offs, The Way of the Tiger series. He is a denizen of the world of Orb.


Tyutchev is a tall, wiry man with neck-length curly hair dyed corn yellow.[1] He habitually dresses in a magical black cloak which helps distort an opponent's vision on him, especially in the dark.[2] While he does not appear so, he is immensely strong for his build and can easily wield his trademark weapon, a Bastard Sword, with just one hand.[3]

Tyutchev is a very devious and opportunistic fellow who tries to exploit any opportunity to get rich, usually at other people's expenses. He worships the god Anarchil, the Orbian god of insane chaos, and is so confident in his abilities that he takes on any potent challenger,[4] but he is also a practical man and retreats once he finds that an opponent could actually be a match for him.[5] He and his constant mates, Cassandra and Thaum, are a well-practised team who come to each other's aid should an enemy prove too much to handle. He and his comrades are worshippers of the Chaos god Anarchil, Breaker of Edifices, and thus select and slay their victims as they will, the better to spread chaos into the world.

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