skill 8
stamina 10
Preferred Weapon axe (human form) / fangs (bear form)
Homeland Lupravia
Race/Species human/werebear
Gender male

We all have our secrets.


Ulrich was a Lupravian woodsman who had been infected with Lycanthropy from a Werebear, but who successfully kept his animal side at bay with help from Grandmother Zekova, who was extremely knowledgeable in such matters.[2]

When an adventurer was attacked by a Wolf pack led by the mad Prince Garoul Wulfen, a Werewolf like his brother Count Varcolac, near his cottage, Ulrich came to the adventurer's aid and cut off Garoul's paw.[3]

Unfortunately, he had arrived too late to prevent the disease from being passed on, and elected to take the adventurer to his grandmother, who advised him to seek out and kill Count Varcolac as the primogenitor of the disease and thus the only one that could lift it through his death. Shortly after leaving, Garoul returned and bit Ulrich savagely, awakening the dormant Lycanthropy within him, leading him to transform into a Werebear and attack the adventurer only moments after Garoul himself was slain.[4]

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