Ulrik Wolfsbane
Preferred Weapon A mighty longsword with a rune-carved blade which glows with an eerie light, as if shimmering with some inner magic
Race/Species Human
Gender Male
Equipment Crossbow

Ulrik Wolfsbane was a barbarian from Allansia, who searched for many years to find an idol carved from the purest Khulian jade, which had cursed Allansia with "a foul plague of famine and decay."[1]

Wolfsbane was captured by a cage trap whilst attempting to surreptitiously remove a painting of Silas Whitebait and his wife from the wall of an upstairs room.[2]

At some point, he had three companions who were captured by a group of shaven-headed warrior priests in a "bizarre fortress stronghold ... constructed ... centuries ago" which Wolfsbane broke into using a primitive zip-line shot from a crossbow.[3]

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