The mark of the Unknown Artist

There is an Unknown BattleCard Artist for five of the BattleCards published by Merlin.

For the most part, the artist for every BattleCard was denoted in the bottom left hand corner of the text side of the card by the artist's mark. In the case of five cards, the mark was a question mark ("?"). This was to facilitate a quest (Lord Magnoble's Quest), where the player had to find the five cards whose artist was identified by a question mark ("?"), rather than by name, and having found these cards, identify who the artist was.

The cards are:

BattleCards by Unknown Artists
US Edition UK Edition
US No.US Name UK No. UK Name
100Maglan Vinn67Maglan Vinn
131Constantian Cutthroat27Constantian Cutthroat
139The Trading Post7The Trading Post

The style of the artwork is one clue to who the artist is in each instance. However, another direct clue supplied by the groupings in the US edition of BattleCards is more illuminating to those who do not easily recognise the artists by their work. For example:

The UK published cards did not group the cards so conveniently, although the artwork is identical to the US versions in the above cases. This leaves the "Vangoria" and "The Trading Post" cards. Neither of these are in defined groupings. However, in the case of "The Trading Post" the fact that the artwork changed between the UK and US sets is indicative of the fact that the artist was Alan Craddock in the UK set, and Martin McKenna in the US set.

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