Ushun Koja
Race/Species Human

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Ushun Koja was the first ruler of Kazan.[1]

The life and times of Ushun Koja are sung about in many songs and lays, and as such various versions of the tale emerge. However, some strands of the story hold true from tale to tale and we can be relatively sure on a number of facts. It seems that Ushun was a mighty warlock of south-west Khul. He travelled into the lands of Kazan from beyond the mountains to the east. Some say Drago's Gate was his path, others that he simply negotiated the heights of the Greater Ilkhans. Certainly rumours of this warlock still permeate the ancient tales of Zamarra and the Gaddon know of the name.

Having travelled down into Kazan he made his way across the land, performing many great feats and earning the respect of the Kazanids. Learning of their warlike nature, but equally of their acceptance of all races, he visited with all six of the great tribes, broke bread with Orcs and Goblins, wrestled with Trolls, drank with the Khomatods, and climbed the cliffs of the Birdmen. He then made his way through the great marshes of the Bogomil, the first, it is said, to cut a path through them (which are still named in his honour). Upon reaching the foot of the southernmost peak of the Sharrab Mountains, he founded his city, and called for all Kazanid clans and races to visit with him. There a great jousting tournament was held at which he was proclaimed ruler in 1527OT.

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