Van Heldenghast
Race/Species Human

Professor Van Heldenghast was a woman whose life had been devoted to the pursuit and capture of Karam Gruul. She finally tracked him down to Blackhaven, where she secured the services of a bounty hunter who had once been a victim of Gruul's Notura sorcery, and sent him to retrieve the six Wards of Notura that can protect against Gruul's dark powers.[1]

Although ageing by this time, she remained a skilled duellist and sorceress, and was particularly blunt and matter-of-fact in her attitude to life. What she did subsequent to Gruul's capture and trial is unknown, although it may be presumed that she, like the bounty hunter, returned to her home and any surviving family to live out the rest of her life in peace.

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  1. Moonrunner - 200

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