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Vangoria from BattleCard 1

Vangoria is the world in which Steve Jackson's BattleCards is set.


Vangoria was once ruled by a mighty Sorcerer-Emperor, Vangor. His rule was marked by the relative peace that it brought, although he was by no means a merciful man. Vangor has triplet sons, who each sought the throne. In order to create a power base from which to gain said throne, they each aligned with the one of the three forces dominating Vangoria: Justice, Evil and Chaos.

Heir WarsEdit

Vangor's death left a land ruler-less as none of the three would accept any of the others. War ensued, destroying towns and cities, and the three heirs each hid, taking on new identities. With the crown of Vangor having been stolen by Battle Orcs and then thrown into Lake Mhingus, and the three heirs in hiding and fighting, the land of Vangoria was divided into four provinces, defined by natural boundaries: The Darklands whose eastern extent the Lord of Darkness holds sway; Quaine, where Prince Gallant fights Lord Vengeance; Zittonia ruled by Zheena Nightshade but contested by Aragon Trueblade; and The Barbarian Territories where the various tribes fight continuously.


Vangoria is an island continent enclosed by The Quivering Sea to the west, The Eelsea to the east and The Sea of No Return in the south. It has a landscape dominated by rivers and mountain ranges and at its heart is a mighty lake, Lake Mhingus.


Main article: Constantia (region)

Constantia is the now ruined former capital of Vangoria on the northern shores of Lake Mhingus, where the Palace of the Emperor resides.

The DarklandsEdit

Main article: The Darklands (region)

The north of the land, cut off from the south by the mighty Jharn Peaks. In the west are tribes of Hill Goblins, in the east the undead dominate.


Main article: Zittonia (region)

This is the southern province. It is large and in the north is mainly plains. In the far south-west it is forested and in its centre is a mountain range dominated by volcanic activity.


Main article: Quaine (region)

Quaine lies to the south-west of The Darklands and is a huge province, highly forested.

Barbarian TerritoriesEdit

Main article: Barbarian Territories (region)

These are the eastern plains, a widerness populated by demonic creatures and barbarian warlords. They are delimited by rivers to the north and south, Lake Mhingus to the west, and The Eelsea to the east.

Links with TitanEdit

First, it is important to note that BattleCards are not part of Fighting Fantasy, be that as a trademark, a fighting system or as part of canon. However, for a number of reasons they are perceived as having strong links. Certain elements of Vangoria itself add strength to the linkages between the two worlds.

See Links to Fighting Fantasy

See AlsoEdit

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