The US (left) and UK (right) versions of Vangoria

1 Vangoria US back

The US version of the back of Vangoria card

Vangoria is the name of the first BattleCard in both the UK and US versions of this game. The card features a map of Vangoria on its artwork side, and on the text side gives a summary article of the land in which BattleCards is set. It covers in brief the history, geography and current political climate of the land. Interestingly, the card is one of only a handful where the artist is unknown. Also, along with the card Prince Lionheart, it is one of only two cards that have the same number in both US and UK sets.

Interestingly, the fact that the US cards were smaller than the right normally meant that rather than shrink the artwork on the back, the picture just less of the artwork. This was the case with Vangoria, and the pictures were identical EXCEPT that the writing of the place names on the map was shifted.

Category StatsEdit

BattleCard TypeEdit

This card was not part of a sub-series (it is one of the Ungrouped BattleCards).

Further NotesEdit

On the "Checklist 1-39" card, the Vangoria card is referred to as The History of Vangoria.

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Preceded by
This is the first card
Vangoria (BattleCard) Succeeded by
The Heirs of Vangor
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This is the first card
Vangoria (BattleCard) Succeeded by
Iain McCaig

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