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Count Varcolac was a member of the Cadre Infernal and the ruler of Lupravia through descent from Dragomir Wulfen, the chieftain of a tribe of barbarian berserkers.[1]

During a Ritual of Summoning, Varcolac was possessed by a Wolf Demon and thus afflicted with a powerful form of Lycanthropy. Belladonna would prove incapable of removing this type of Lycanthropy from anyone who acquired it.

Despite the many horror tales surrounding the House of Wulfen, it was ultimately Count Varcolac's brother - the "Mad Prince" Garoul Wulfen - who was to bring about the end of their line through sheer accident. Like his brother, Garoul was a Werewolf, and one night he bit an adventurer whilst in Wolf form.

Seeking redemption from the curse that now gripped him, the adventurer swiftly dispatched Garoul and hunted down his brother also, slaying him and banishing the Wolf Demon before the full moon changed him fully, thereby curing himself.

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  • In Romanian, the word "vârcolac" is frequently used in association with Werewolves, although a type of Goblin can also be implied. The etymology - as well as the translation into various other Slavic languages - of the word suggests that the former use is the more accurate, since it is descended from "Wolf's Fur".

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