Velicoma Endûl Kerithrion
Race/Species Elf

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Princess Velicoma Endûl Kerithrion is the sister of King Eilden Kerithrion, and is both the High Priestess of Tìranduil Kelthas and a member of the Shaërn Kerithrion.[1]

She is also a worshipper of the Snake Demon Myurr, and has been plotting with her master for years now, seeking to kill her brother and take over complete control of Kerithrion Clan and the entire Dark Elven race.

She is a cold, emotionless witch and most Dark Elves feel scared of her without knowing why. As efficient and practical as she is ruthless and scheming, it was Velicoma who first suggested that she and Myurr exploit the paranoia of her brother, and Velicoma who pronounced Malbordus a gift from the gods and arranged for his tuition in the ways of Dark Magic.

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