Vik is an important and influential resident of Kharé, who it pays well to know in that dangerous city, since friendship with Vik brings favour and protection.[1]

The reasons for Vik's status in Kharé are not known. Amongst the friends of Vik are Glandragor of Birritanti in the Shamutanti Hills,[2] and a Captain of a slave galley who operates out of Kharé. The story goes that this Captain owes Vik his life since he rescued him "from the clutches of the Shield Maidens of Lumlé".[3] Vangorn the Murderer has been heard to say that he is Vik's brother, but the truth of this story is not known.[4]

Despite his status in Kharé, Vik is not thought to be one of those who knows part of the spell which unlocks the North Gate of the city, although he may know those who do.[5]

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