Vladimir Utoshski
FF Titanium Cyborg
skill 9 (18)
stamina 10 (20)
Preferred Weapon Large Fist (see below)
Race/Species Human

Vladimir Utoshski, better known as the super-villain "Titanium Cyborg", is the leader of F.E.A.R. (the Federation of Euro-American Rebels), and the main villain of Appointment with F.E.A.R..


FF End of FEAR

The end of F.E.A.R.

Nothing much is revealed about the background of Utoshski. He is known, however, to be a skilled scientist and criminal mastermind with his intentions set on world domination. For this purpose he created F.E.A.R., which employs not only normal human hirelings and mercenaries, but also accepts supervillains in their ranks to act as special operatives.

In his latest scheme, Utoshski planned on hijacking the U.S. government's Star Wars orbital laser platform weapons to blackmail the world into submission. Fearing that the hero of Titan City, the "Silver Crusader", would interfere, Utoshski staged a number of super-villain incidents in town to distract him. However, some of the villains inadvertently dropped clues referring to the final F.E.A.R. meeting in which Utoshski wanted to explain his plans to his chief agents, and eventually the Silver Crusader burst in on them.[1] While Utoshski's cyborg equipment would normally have outmatched him easily, the Crusader happened to possess a Circuit Jammer at the time, which shut down the Titanium Cyborg gear, allowing the hero to achieve a crushing victory over Utoshski. Afterwards, Utoshski and his chief agents were handed to the authorities.[2]


FF Titanium Cyborg 3

Vladimir Utoshski in one of his public disguises

Vladimir Utoshski is a middle-aged man of normal build with a hooked nose who wears glasses and a wig in public.[3] As the Titanium Cyborg, he wears a cyber-enhancer exoskeleton and a pair of special eye goggles.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Utoshski is an expert in the electronic enhancement of Human abilities and uses bionic devices to make himself a terrifying opponent. His exoskeleton enhances his strength and physical resilience, doubling his skill to 18 and his stamina to 20. However, if his enhancers are somehow disabled, his stats are reduced to skill 9 and stamina 10.[4]

In addition, his eye goggles are capable of firing lethal energy beams. He can fire them in addition to a physical attack in melee combat.[5]

See AlsoEdit


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