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Vymorna is located on the estuary of the River Vymorn at the southern extent of the Axehead Plains in south-central Allansia. It is the principal city featured in Battleblade Warrior. The settlement is named after the River Vymorn which springs from the Lion Heights in the north-east and empties into the Gulf of Shamuz.

Vymorna Besieged!Edit

The story of Battleblade Warrior is based around the siege of Vymorna. The siege began on the 12th of Dark, 278AC.[1] The hero is sent on a quest by Telak the god of courage, to retrieve a magical weapon that can defeat the barbaric Lizard Men and restore peace to the kingdom.[2] The city has been under siege for six years by the time the quest starts, making the year 284AC.


FF31 Map - Area around Vymorna in Southern Allansia from The Book of Atlan - Titan's Atlas

Royal Family (during the siege)Edit

Other InhabitantsEdit

Vymorna is a Human habitation with a population of warriors.

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