Warlock Issue 10
Location: Titan and various
Publication details
Editor(s)-in-Chief: Steve Jackson &
Ian Livingstone
Editor(s): Marc Gascoigne (Editor)
Martin Clement (Production Manager)
Interior Illustrator(s): Tony Ackland, David Andrews, Trevor Hammond, Daniel Loveday (uncredited), Pete Martin
Cover illustrator: John Blanche
Publisher: Games Workshop
First published: May 1986

Warlock Issue 10 saw Marc Gascoigne become the editor of the magazine and Martin Clement the Production Manager, replacing the staff of the previous three issues. The editorial talks about the promotion of Marc Gascoigne to his new position. "Omens and Auguries" does not appear in this issue.


The cover was by John Blanche and depicts The Warlock of the magazine, based on the winning entry of the issue 7 competition.


Livingstone on Trial!Edit

Ian Livingstone talks about his new Fighting Fantasy gamebook Trial of Champions, his hopes to see Casket of Souls published in 1987, and another new gamebook possibly titled either Crypt of the Necromancer or The Howling Tunnels.

Main article: Fighting Fantasy Competitions

Accompanying this is a competition. The entrants are required to answer eleven questions:

  1. In which book will you find Aakor, Bhorket and Demonspawn?
  2. Yaztromo's Tower is situated close to which colourful river?
  3. You and the crew of the starship Traveller might meet the Rain Lord here.
  4. Where would you meet Throm the Barbarian?
  5. Possessed by the foul Gonchong, it rules over Fire Island.
  6. The might of the alien Arcadian Empire is being resisted by which secret Earth organisation?
  7. Just who is the Titanium Cyborg?
  8. What was the name of the magical blade stolen by Ikuru, Master of Shadows?
  9. Zanbar Bone has a nick-name. What is it?
  10. This star system is home to the smugglers of Satophil-d.
  11. Which elf's aid is invaluable in defeating the Snow Witch?

Withe answers in hand the entrant must then take the first letter of each answer and use the letters to make the one-or-two-word name of a Fighting Fantasy villain.

The two first place winners would each win a complete set of Fighting Fantasy gamebooks (ie. books #1~21), each book signed by both Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone. The next thirty winner would each receive a copy of Trial of Champions signed by Ian Livingstone. The next fifty runners-up would win a Fighting Fantasy poster and T-shirt transfer. Entries closed July 28th, 1986.

Derek the TrollEdit

By Lew Stringer, this issue sees Derek the Troll drafted into an army where he is eventually assigned as cook.

The Arcane ArchiveEdit

The reviews section with reviews by Paul Cockburn. Despite having been introduced in a previous issue, it is only with this issue that the ratings depicted by drawings of Derek the Troll are given definitions. Reviewed this issue were:

Derek's KwillEdit that grumpee old Warlock has stomped off in a sulk, leavin' me to sort owt the postbag![4]

Derek the Troll answers the letters section this issue. Dealt with this issue are potential improvements to the magazine, the forthcoming map of Allansia in Titan - The Fighting Fantasy World, and the short adventures.

Arkenor and Max - Part 7Edit

The comic continuation of the characters by Ian McDonald, winner of the "Cartoon Competition" of issue 2, comes to an end.

Paint Yer Dragon!Edit

Rick Priestly looks at the art of "pinning" miniatures.

"Out of the Pit"Edit

A new logo for this section as it covers five new monsters. These were:

All were illustrated by Trevor Hammond

Sheer ArtistryEdit

This article reveals the winner of the issue 7 competition to depict the Warlock (Alexis Panayiotou) and follows artist John Blanche as he creates the cover of the issue based on the winning entry.

More Monster ConversionsEdit

Follow up to the previous issue's article on converting monster stats from other gamebooks/RPGs to work in Fighting Fantasy, again by Graeme Davis. Featured this issue are: Cretan Chronicles, Sagard the Barbarian, Skyfall and Tolkien Quest. Illustrated by Daniel Loveday.

Conventionally SpeakingEdit

An article explaining what goes on at a games convention.

Dicing with DeathEdit

An interview with Lone Wolf writer Joe Dever. Notably, the end of the interview promises an interview with Andrew Chapman for the following issue which never appeared.

Rogue MageEdit

Main article: Rogue Mage

The solo adventure is written by Graeme Davis and illustrated by Tony Ackland and Pete Martin. The adventure is presented so that is may be played with either Fighting Fantasy or Dungeons & Dragons rules.

Take That!Edit

An article by Jeremy Adamson on how to deal with unarmed combat in the multi-player games. Illustrated by Trevor Hammond.


  • The inside front cover has a full-page colour advert for Sword of the Samurai.
  • Page 48 has a black and white quarter-page advert for a "Fighting Fantasy Afternoon" on May 31st, 1986 at the Birmingham Central Library, Birmingham. Admission was free and the attendance of Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone was promised.
  • Also on page 48 was a black and white quarter-page announcement from Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone about the Forest of Doom Holidays, in which they divorce themselves from the operations, noting that the events were "nothing to do with either of us, Fighting Fantasy, Penguin Books or Games Workshop Ltd."[5]

See AlsoEdit


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