Warlock Issue 12
Location: Titan and various
Publication details
Editor(s)-in-Chief: Steve Jackson &
Ian Livingstone
Editor(s): Marc Gascoigne (Editor)
Martin Clement (Production Manager)
Alan Merrett (Publications Manager)
Interior Illustrator(s): Not Credited except John Blanche as Art Editor and Charles Elliott for Graphic Design[1]
Cover illustrator: Christos Achilleos
Publisher: Games Workshop
First published: September 1986

Warlock Issue 12 was the second-to-last issue of the English-language version of the magazine.


The cover is illustrated by Christos Achilleos.


Omens and AuguriesEdit

Jamie Thomson continues to supply Fighting Fantasy, gamebook, and RPG news.

Fields of BattleEdit

This article by Graeme Davis looks at a set of simple rules for running mass battles under the Fighting Fantasy system. Illustrated by Jes Goodwin.

Battle of Grey RockEdit

Main article: Battle of Grey Rock (mod)

A multi-player mass battle making use of the rules as set out in the "Fields of Battle" article above. Illustrated by Jes Goodwin with a map by Dave Andrews.


Main article: Fighting Fantasy Competitions

Also featured is a listing of the winners if the Warlock issue 10 competition, one of which is David A. Holt who is listed as winning a signed copy of Trial of Champions.[2]

The Arcane ArchiveEdit

The reviews section with reviews by Paul Cockburn. Reviewed this issue were:

Absolute BeginnersEdit

An article by Ashley Shepherd that acts as a basic introduction to the world of role-playing games.

Derek the TrollEdit

By Lew Stringer, this issue sees Derek the Troll rescue a wizard and be rewarded with a wish. He wishes to be better looking and hijinks ensue...

The Warlock's QuillEdit

This section had letters from readers published and responded to by the editor. Discussed this issue is what age group Warlock and the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks are aimed at, changes to the magazine, and publication of the gamebooks in foreign countries.

"Out of the Pit"Edit

The four monsters this issue were:

All were illustrated by Martin McKenna (logo by Will Rees).

The Book of RunesEdit

The first part of a comic by Darren Chandler.

Paint Yer DragonEdit

Rick Priestly looks at the neglected art of base painting.

Return to Firetop MountainEdit

Main article: The Warlock of Firetop Mountain (boardgame)

An interview with Steve Jackson about the forthcoming release of the boardgame.

Deadline to DestructionEdit

Main article: Deadline to Destruction

The mini adventure was by Gavin Shute and illustrated by David Stevens. It was a sequel to the gamebook Appointment with F.E.A.R..


See AlsoEdit


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