Warlock Issue 13
Location: Titan and various
Publication details
Editor(s)-in-Chief: Steve Jackson &
Ian Livingstone
Editor(s): Marc Gascoigne (Editor)
Martin Clement (Production Manager)
Alan Merrett (Publications Manager)
Interior Illustrator(s): Not Credited except John Blanche as Art Editor and Charles Elliott for "Superb" Graphic Design[1]
Cover illustrator: Les Edwards
Publisher: Games Workshop
First published: November 13 1986[2]

Warlock Issue 13 was the final issue of the English-language version of the magazine, although the Japanese-language version would continue on into the following decade.


The cover is illustrated by Les Edwards.


Omens and AuguriesEdit

Fighting Fantasy, gamebook, and RPG news.

The Dreaming SandsEdit

Main article: The Dreaming Sands

A multi-player adventure that begins in Port Blacksand and works as a prequel to The Riddling Reaver. Illustrated by (including map) John Blanche

The Reaver's RiddlesEdit

Main article: Fighting Fantasy Competitions

An anagram competition where first twenty correct entries win a copy of The Riddling Reaver.

Absolute BeginnersEdit

An article by Ashley Shepherd that acts as a basic introduction to the world of boardgames.

Warlocks to You!!Edit

Main article: Fighting Fantasy Competitions

Readers had to identify which six Fighting Fantasy gamebooks the six pictures came from to enter a prize draw. There were ten first prizes of a copy of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain boardgame and 50 runner-up prizes of posters advertising the boardgame.

Paint Yer DragonEdit

Rick Priestly looks at plastic figures.

Derek the TrollEdit

By Lew Stringer, this page-and-a-half adventure, Derek the Troll's 'Orrible Troll-playing Game, is presented in the format of a gamebook with 16 references (or comic panels).

"Out of the Pit"Edit

The four monsters this issue were:

All were illustrated by Martin McKenna (logo by Will Rees).

The Arcane ArchiveEdit

The reviews section with reviews by Paul Cockburn. Reviewed this issue were:

Slaine is HereEdit

Main article: Fighting Fantasy Competitions

Readers had to match up six heroes and their sidekicks, with ten copies of The Slaine Gaming Book up for grabs.

The Book of RunesEdit

The second part of a comic by Darren Chandler.

The Warlock's QuillEdit

This section had letters from readers published and responded to by the editor. Discussed this issue is the lack of Games Workshop outlets in Scotland, Battle of Grey Rock from the previous issue, possible modifications to the Fighting Fantasy system, errors in Fighting Fantasy adventures, and the price of Titan - The Fighting Fantasy World and Out of the Pit.


A two-player boardgame designed by Chris Elliott and Richard Edward.

The Temple of the PharaohEdit

Main article: The Temple of the Pharaoh

The mini adventure was by Tom Williams and illustrated by Dave Carson.

Revolution in the Palace!Edit

Dramatic retelling of the cancellation of Warlock.


See AlsoEdit


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