Warlock Issue 6
Location: Titan and various
Publication details
Editor(s)-in-Chief: Steve Jackson &
Ian Livingstone
Editor(s): Peter Darvill-Evans (Assistant Editor)
Mary Common (Art Editor)
Peter Darvill-Evans (Publications Manager)
Interior Illustrator(s): Mark Dunn, Trevor Hammond, Bill Houston
Cover illustrator: Christos Achilleos
Publisher: Games Workshop
First published: September 1985

Warlock Issue 6 was published in 1985 and was the first edition to be published by Games Workshop. The editorial focuses on the change from Penguin Books to Games Workshop, and discusses the demand for a Fighting Fantasy club, the ability of Games Workshop to support the fanbase, and the fact that Warlock is now available for subscription.


The cover was by Christos Achilleos and originally used for the UK (Orbit) edition of Swordships of Scorpio by Alan Burt Akers.


"Out of the Pit"Edit

Features an array of "awesomely unpleasant creatures, chosen from the many hundreds sent in by readers".[1] The monsters detailed were:

All five were illustrated (logo by Tim Sell), but none were featured in the subsequent book Out of the Pit as by this point the book had been published.

Omens and AuguriesEdit

Replacing the "Fighting Fantasy News" section of previous issues, this issue featured the first appearance of a new column written by Jamie Thomson - then Assistant Editor of White Dwarf. It had a wider brief than the previous news section and was to detail upcoming events and publications that might be of interest to Fighting Fantasy fans which included material outside the publication of Penguin. This issue, the column included information on:

The Arcane ArchiveEdit

A new section for Warlock, "The Arcane Archive" was the reviews page with the first selection of titles reviewed by Paul Cockburn. These reviews included:

Tricks and Traps CompetitionEdit

Competition results from issue 4's "Tricks and Traps Competition". The winners were:

  • Kiran Ghanekar (£20 winner) - The Death Trap.
  • Martin Franks (£10 runner-up prize) - Venus Fly Trap Tomb.
  • Steven Timothy (£10 runner-up prize) - Mirror of Mayhem.
  • Edward Young (£10 runner-up prize) - Fake Rope Trap
  • David Leith (£10 runner-up prize) - "...who although less than seven years old, has sent in no less than four wickedly inventive traps".[3]

Arkenor and Max - Part IIIEdit

A continuation of the characters by Ian McDonald, the winner of the "Cartoon Competition" of issue 2.

Pearls of WisdomEdit

A new regular feature devoted to readers’ suggestions for improving or changing solo gamebooks and role-playing games. This issue includes articles on:

  • Cloak & Dagger by Mark Hodgson - Thieves and Assassins in Fighting Fantasy
  • Beasts of the Storm by James Wallis - Animals in Puffin’s 'Maelstrom Role-playing game

Illustrated by Trevor Hammond and Bill Houston.

Brain-Blistering Difficult Maze Competition!Edit

Main article: Fighting Fantasy Competitions

Features a maze for readers to complete and then encourages them to send in the completed maze along with a Fighting Fantasy-themed maze of their own (entries into the original maze competition would not be accepted without a copy of the correctly completed maze presented in this issue).

Cartoon Competition WinnersEdit

The winner of this competition (announced in issue 4) was Spencer Chapman, winning £20. Runners-up (winning £10 each) were:

  • Alexander Garland
  • Mark Smith
  • Peter Sidebotham
  • Cathy Watt
  • Patrick Blaine McIntyre

The Warlock's QuillEdit

This section had letters from readers published and responded to by the editor.Fromt his issue onwards the Grand Wizard at Penguin is no longer mentioned. Subjects canvased included subscribing to Warlock, the difficulty of the "Maze of Zagor", whether or not Warlock should branch out into covering non-Fighting Fantasy RPG material and gamebooks and rule modifications.

The Dark Chronicles of AnakendisEdit

Main article: The Dark Chronicles of Anakendis (mini-ff)

The short adventure this issues was submitted by Andrew Whitworth of Rotherfield, East Sussex. It introduces the town of Kokbridge, found somewhere along the route to Fang. It was illustrated by Mark Dunn.

Fantasy in MiniatureEdit

An article about making model figurines for RPGS.

Monster Crossword Competition ResultsEdit

Results of the crossword competition from the last issue. The winner was Paul Ackerley, who managed to get all the correct answers, including the one for which the clue had been missing!

Fighting Fantasy FeedbackEdit

Results of Issue 4's questionnaire. It was broken into three parts.

Who Are You?Edit

  • Only 8 of the over 500 survey respondents were female.
  • Nearly all were between 9 and 17 years of age.
  • At least one third also read White Dwarf.

Fighting Fantasy GamebooksEdit

  • The most exciting gamebook was Deathtrap Dungeon.
  • The best illustrated was also Deathtrap Dungeon.
  • Fantasy was the most popular setting requested for future adventures.
  • The Game System was deemed to be about right, although with quite a number wanting some complications creeping in.

Warlock MagazineEdit

  • The most popular part of the magazine was the solo adventure.
  • Also well-liked: "The Warlock's Quill", "Out of the Pit", news, Arkenor and Max, and "Tricks and Traps".
  • Readership not keen on artist profiles or crosswords.
  • Would like to see scenarios for RPGs, short fiction and more boardgames.


With this issue advertising was obviously opened up to things beyond Fighting Fantasy. Therefore, only Fighting Fantasy-related adverts are listed here.

  • Page 14 had a black and white half page advert for a "Fighting Fantasy Day", scheduled for November 2nd, 1985 at The Corn Exchange, Manchester. Admission was £1 (Free for Puffin Club members) and promised "Citadel Battles", Warhammer, Fighting Fantasy Computer Games, and a Fighting Fantasy maze.
  • Page 15 was a black and white full-page advert for The Tasks of Tantalon.
  • The inside back cover was a colour full-page advert for Out of the Pit.

See AlsoEdit


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