Warlock Issue 7
Location: Titan and various
Publication details
Editor(s)-in-Chief: Steve Jackson &
Ian Livingstone
Editor(s): Steve Williams (Assistant Editor)
Paul Mason (Editorial Assistant)
Mary Common (Art and Production Editor)
Peter Darvill-Evans (Publications Manager)
Interior Illustrator(s): David Andrews, John Blanche, Mark Dunn, Simon Ecob, Jon Glentoran, and Bill Houston
Cover illustrator: John Blanche
Publisher: Games Workshop
First published: November 1985

Warlock Issue 7 was published in 1985 and featured an editorial that looked back to the "Fighting Fantasy Day" that had been organised in Manchester in November 1985 (advertised in issue 6). Joining the editorial team were Steve Williams, Paul Mason, and Mary Common.


The cover was by John Blanche and depicts the "Fellowship of the Ring" from the book of the same name.


Omens and AuguriesEdit

Jamie Thomson continues to supply Fighting Fantasy, gamebook, and RPG news.

"Out of the Pit"Edit

Marc Gascoigne explains the "Out of the Pit" monster system he used when compiling the book Out of the Pit and explains the various stats. The featured creatures this issue are:

Both were illustrated by Mark Dunn (logo by Tim Sell).

The Warlock's QuillEdit

This section had letters from readers published and responded to by the editor. The section began with some errors found in The Rings of Kether and Seas of Blood. Letters this issue focussed on sexism in presenting Fighting Fantasy adventurers as exclusively male, the continuing "gamebooks verses RPG - which is better?" war, and whether or not Warlock should be focussing on non-Fighting Fantasy books/issues. It was illustrated by Bill Houston.

Arkenor and Max - Part IVEdit

A continuation of the characters by Ian McDonald, the winner of the "Cartoon Competition" of issue 2.

The Arcane ArchiveEdit

The reviews section with reviews by Paul Cockburn. Reviewed this issue were:

Deathtrap on LegsEdit

Main article: Deathtrap on Legs

Deathtrap on Legs is set in the aftermath of the successful events of Deathtrap Dungeon in Fang and was written by Paul Mason and Steve Williams.

Illustrated by Simon Ecob and with a section of map taken from Dave Andrews map of Allansia in Out of the Pit (and slightly modified).

Prize CompetitionEdit

Main article: Fighting Fantasy Competitions

A competition to depict what the "Warlock" of the magazine looks like. Illustration by John Blanche.

The Temple of TestingEdit

Main article: The Temple of Testing (mini-ff)

Submitted by A.E. Arkle of Cardiff, The Temple of Testing is set in a school of magic and the successful concluding paragraph suggests that the events take place shortly before those of the Sorcery! mini-series. It was illustrated by Jon Glentoran.

Derek the TrollEdit

By Lew Stringer, Derek the Troll was a half-page comic depicting the hard life of a Troll named Derek.

Fantasy in MiniatureEdit

Rick Priestly looks at Citadel Miniatures The Lord of the Rings range of figurines.


See AlsoEdit


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