Warlock Issue 8
Location: Titan and various
Publication details
Editor(s)-in-Chief: Steve Jackson &
Ian Livingstone
Editor(s): Steve Williams (Assistant Editor)
Paul Mason (Editorial Assistant)
Mary Common (Art and Production Editor)
Peter Darvill-Evans (Publications Manager)
Interior Illustrator(s): David Andrews, Leo Hartas, Bill Houston, Pete Martin
Cover illustrator: Christos Achilleos
Publisher: Games Workshop
First published: January 1986

Warlock Issue 8 was the first issue of 1986 and the editorial talks about the blurred line between gamebooks and RPGs.


The cover was by Christos Achilleos.


Omens and AuguriesEdit

Jamie Thomson continues to supply Fighting Fantasy, gamebook, and RPG news.

"Out of the Pit"Edit

Marc Gascoigne introduces five reader submitted creatures that followed him "back up the rough passage and out into the light of day...":[1]

All five were illustrated by Bill Houston (logo by Tim Sell).

The Arcane ArchiveEdit

The reviews section with reviews by Paul Cockburn. This issue introduced "ratings" of the book depicted by images of Derek the Troll. Reviewed this issue were:

The Warlock's QuillEdit

This section had letters from readers published and responded to by the editor.

Brain Blistering Maze Competition ResultsEdit

Results of the issue 6 maze competition. The winner was Darren Webb of Dagenham, Essex. The runners-up were: David Johnston, Graham Sewell and Edward Sykes.

The Tower of HadesEdit

Main article: The Tower of Hades (mod)

Written by Dale Ashman, the adventure is a multi-player adventure based on the Fighting Fantasy - The Introductory Role-playing Game rules. It was illustrated (including maps) by Leo Hartas.

Arkenor and Max - Part VEdit

A continuation of the characters by Ian McDonald, the winner of the "Cartoon Competition" of issue 2.

The Floating CityEdit

Main article: The Floating City (mini-ff)

Submitted by reader Ruth Pracy or Norwich, the adventure is set in the world The Flat Lands and was followed in issue 11 by a sequel The Land of Changes. It was illustrated by Pete Martin.

Fantasy in MiniatureEdit

Rick Priestly looks at building scenery for wargaming scenarios. This article was illustrated by Dave Andrews.


  • Inside front cover is a colour full-page advert announcing the release of Demons of the Deep, along with the reminder of six other previous releases.
  • Page 5 has a black and white half-page advert for the Fighting Fantasy Software game Seas of Blood.

See AlsoEdit


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