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The Wastes of Chaos (or Chaos Wastes) is a vast barren rocky plateau under leaden sky where the only vegetation is the odd tuft of coarse grass and where a cold wind blows.[1] [2]


It is made up of vast areas of ash and choking dust where life cannot sustain itself. Here are fonts of pure Chaos like warped oases where nature is perverted by Chaos. Blood red Palm Trees twist and writhe like animals and jelly like things howl in the shade. Everywhere Chaos spawns and dies with frenetic abandon. It is said that the sun never shows itself over the Wastes, they are covered by swirling clouds of grey dust which prevent nature from establishing itself again. [3]

The only settlements are the odd primitive Half-Orc village. The centre of the Wastes are over three weeks away from Neuberg through the Anvil Pass. The Wastes were created by the forces of Evil in the Great War against Chaos in 1998OT destroying what had once been a fertile heartland of the continent.

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