Watcher of the Gate
Le Veilleur

The Watcher of the Gate is the entity who watches over the Land of the Deads and brings about the end of every mortal life. Although death is usually associated with Evil and the eponymous Dark Lord, the Watcher is truly neutral.[1]

Much like the Grim Reaper of folklore, the Watcher of the Gate appears as a ghastly robed skeleton who wields a scythe, to end the life of each soul who comes before him, and owns many hourglasses that measure the time left to live for anyone. He intensely dislikes those who escape death through unnatural means,[2] but he might allow the ghost of someone who was killed before his time to roam the Earthly Plane for a chance to get justice.[3] However, defying him would be a very bad idea.[4] The Watcher might be related to Baron Blood, who is tasked to bring the wandering souls to the Lands of the Deads, but the exact nature of their link is not known.


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