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Wazarri is the name of the adherents to an ancient religion.[1]

The name of the Wazarri religion should never be uttered by a follower of that religion, because it breaks an oath they have taken. However it has been written in books as xen.

Fangs of FuryEdit

The great five peaked volcano in the southern Truffle Heights known as the Fangs of Fury is a most sacred place to the Wazarri people and the centre of their religious sect. The Wazarri it was who originally provided the flame for the great Stone Sentinels of Zamarra.

Silent KnightsEdit

The Wazarri have a fighting arm to their religion who are known as the Wazarri Silent Knights, famed for the excellence in battle.

There are many elements to the Wazarri religion such as the Seven Levels of the Wazarri; the Way of Balance; and the True Level and the True Way which are best explained by a Wazarri monk and detail will not be provided here. The Wazarri and highly honoured by the people of Zamarra.

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