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Weirtown is a lawless Gallantarian town near the Brician border commonly known as "The Vermin Pit".[1]



The colours of Weirtown? aloft on a pennant above the town

Weirtown sits on the River Weir in Gallantaria, roughly one hundred miles south of the Onyx Sea.


Over its history this town has acquired a reputation as "The Vermin Pit" of the kingdom.[2] From all over Gallantaria, unsavoury creatures have made their way to the town, augmenting its reputation for Dark ways.


One of Weirtown's most infamous residents was the Hag-Witch, a sorceress of great skill, and a constant nuisance to the White Magicians of the kingdom.[2]

Town ColoursEdit


Is this jester bedecked in the colours of Weirtown?

The colours of the town appear to have been blue and gold, although this may have been whilst Sir Beade was supervising the town, under the instructions of Tantalon after the War of the Four Kingdoms.

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