Race/Species Human
Gender Male

For other uses of Kauderwelsch, see Kauderwelsch

One of the infamous Kauderwelsches of Gallantaria, Doktor Welsch was the son of Doktor Kauderwelsch, although he referred to himself as "Son of Kauderwelsch".

After the destruction of his mother and her monster, Doktor Welsch bought Craven Asylum in Blackhaven with her gold, where he set up a laboratory with a single purpose in mind - to build a new body for his mother using bits and pieces of the inmates of the asylum! This new body was the second Kauderwelsch Monster. Doktor Welsch was able to construct this vile abomination because he had rescued his mother's brain and her notes from Cumbleside, but it was only a temporary step - ultimately he planned to find a brand new, healthy body, for her brain.[1]

Doktor Welsch had neck-length, combed back pale (white?) hair, a goat's beard, and wore round-rimmed glasses and a white apron. He was clearly unhinged, and had been heard to shriek "Mother! I love you!" in the dark depths of Craven Asylum.[2]

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