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The White Lotus is an aquatic flowering plant from Arantis, in south-western Allansia.[1]

White Lotus OilEdit

Limited quantities of a clear, sweet-smelling and non-combustible oil can be extracted from the large white bloom of the White Lotus.[2] This Oil of Lotus costs 4 Gold Pieces in the markets of Rimon, for one (and only one!) dose.[3]

According to the lore of Djarat, if the dormant body of a Good Mummy is anointed with the oil of the White Lotus, then the Mummy's spirit will arise to help the anointer.[4]

Some intuitive feeling tells you to anoint the Mummy with the oil. As soon as you do so, a shimmering light appears next to the couch and forms into the glowing, blue-white figure of a Djaratian woman wearing fine clothes and a falcon-shaped head-dress. Then the ghostly lady speaks to you in dulcet tones: "Stranger, why do you wake me from my sleep of eternity?"[5]

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