skill 9
stamina 12
Attacks 1
Weapon Used by weapon or magic
Habitat Hills, Ruins
Number Encountered 1-3
Type Humanoid/Fifth Race
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence High

For other uses of Wight, see Wight

Faerie Wights are a type of Humanoid in the Fighting Fantasy franchise.


Faerie Wights appear similar to Elves in build and appearance, but are apparently more haggard than their graceful relatives. Their eyes are orbs of malevolent black. Kings of the Wights are known to wear crowns of pale fire.[1]

Origin and DistributionEdit

Not much is known about Faerie Wights, since they are rarely encountered and apparently none of these meetings result in any peaceful interactions. It is known that Wights entertain certain sacred places marked by monolith rings, similar to Earth's Stonehenge.

Whenever Faerie Wights are met, it is usually because of some unintended blunder when a sentient being accidentally stumbles upon a sacred site of theirs. They are quick to take offense, and will 'punish' the intruder without mercy.[1]

Special AbilitiesEdit

Faerie Wights are able to use magic, but the extend of this ability is unknown. They are apparently able to teleport, in order to cut off their victim's escape. Their relentless nature makes them continue this tactic until either side is slain.[1]

Faerie Wights are also known to gather an hoard magical treasures, such as Magic Swords, which they will use against their opposition as needed.[1]

See AlsoEdit


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