Books whose first edition was in the Wizard 2009 Relaunch Cover Format
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The Wizard 2009 Relaunch Cover Format, also called the Shield format, accompanied the Wizard Books' 2009 Relaunch. The Wizard series was re-launched in September 2009 after a two year break with four titles, one of which was brand new (Stormslayer). The re-launch was accompanied by a redesign of the cover template, using a large "shield" motif within which a much smaller piece of artwork was contained. The books themselves were now presented in the slightly larger B Format as previously used on the Advanced Fighting Fantasy titles, with the Wizard Fighting Fantasy logo relegated to a spot on the lower back cover. The books were also renumbered.


Main article: Fighting Fantasy Boxset

Although the boxsets are covered in their own article, it is worth noting that a set of the first ten Shield format books was released, bound purely in clear plastic and sold by the "The Book People" in 2010.

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