Wizard of Lake Mlubz

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The Wizard of Lake Mlubz, also known as the "Wizard of the Lake", is a mysterious being said to be centuries old.[1]

Rumour has it that he was there before the Goblins, which have in turn been there for many thousands of years. Others suggest that he is originally of Goblin stock, a remnant of their once powerful and advanced culture. It is certain that his extensive library contains many ancient books written in Goblin script, even an illustrated book of Goblin recipes.

The wizard is something of a recluse. The first stage to pass through when trying to see him is to pass the riddles of the wizard's shadow on the northern shores of the lake. This shadow will then take you by coracle to the Wizard's Island. On route you will come upon the Isle of Rusty Weapons, were your weapons must be laid (or else pay the enormous consequences). From there through the mystical mists which shroud the lake hiding from all things the whereabouts of the wizard's island. The wizard is wise in both the ways of magic and of mechanisms and alchemy but will only grant audience in times of great need.

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