skill 9
stamina 20
luck 10
Race/Species Human?
Gender Male

Wolfrick of Pritzbad, aka The Wolf-boy of Pritzbad, a bodyguard active all over the Old World, is a pregenerated character whom the player can assume in Howl of the Werewolf.

He is an orphan, abandoned in a basket when he was a baby on the steps of The Slaughtered Lamb coaching inn of Pritzbad and raised by the innkeeper and his wife. When he grew up, his physical features (thick eyebrows, "almost" pointy ears...) gained him his nickname and plenty of abuse. Eventually, his parents decided to move from Mauristatia and relocated to Analand, while Wolfrick decided to put to profit his natural agility and quick temper, that make him a ferocious fighter, becoming a bodyguard on caravans traversing the Old World. No matter how far he travelled, he could never shake the feeling that the mountains of Mauristatia were his true home.

He starts the game with 14 Gold Pieces.[1]

See AlsoEdit

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  1. Howl of the Werewolf - p.377

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