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The Women of Dree are three sisters of the Hag-Witch Romeena.

It was Romeena who founded the village of Dree as the notorious centre of Marrangha experimentation, the transmutation of life through magical means.

Her sisters, however, have a more benevolent attitude to life, and turned their back on the village. However, they often magically appear to travellers in Allansia out of nowhere, and delight in sending them on pointless and sometimes dangerous tasks, although this is usually of the the travellers' own volition.[1] The sisters also keep contact with another "reformed" denizen of Dree, Rosina the fortune teller.[2]

It was the Women of Dree who raised the infant Zharradan Marr and encouraged him to study under the tutelage of Volgera Darkstorm.

The three sisters, whose individual names are not known to this day, are said to appear as stunted old women, but one of them is blind, one of them has a toothless, black mouth, whilst the other has a serpent-like hiss.[3]

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