Wraith Ape
skill 7-8
stamina 7
Attacks 1
Weapon Used Bite or Blade Leaf
Habitat Hills, Mountains
Number Encountered 2-4
Type Mammal/Primate
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence Low

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Origins and DistributionEdit

The Wraith Ape[1] is one of the four species of Great Ape that dominate Mauristatia[2], being descended from a Great Ape whose isolation in this mysterious land caused it to develop in order to adapt to its surroundings.


Wraith Apes are short-haired Apes, mistakenly referred to as "Monkeys" in their Out of the Pit entry[3] as they are said to be related to Great Apes.[4] Their fur is as black as coal, granting them exceptional night-time camouflage, and they are visible only by their glowing red eyes.

Their name comes from their method of attack - a large fold of skin beneath each arm enables them to glide silently and with great accuracy down from a high perch to land right in front of their victims. This makes them appear as nothing less than a frenzied Wraith silhouetted against the night sky.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Wraith Apes are cunning creatures and some have even learned to use the leaves of the Blade Tree as weapons, with the result being that their skill is increased by 1. They can also see in the dark and add 2 to their Attack Strength when attacking any creature without it during the night.

Further NotesEdit

  • A Wraith Ape is only territorial at night - it will leave anything that trespasses into its territory during the day completely alone.
  • Wraith Apes were first mentioned in Warlock Issue 5 in the special The Apes of Mauristatia ("Out of the Pit") section, as a game aid for the adventure In Search of the Mungies' Gold.

See AlsoEdit


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