skill 10
stamina 11
Attacks 2
Weapon Used Very Large Bite
Habitat Caves, Forests, Hills
Number Encountered 1
Type Dragon
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence Low

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Alongside the majestic Dragons, there is another race of lesser flying creatures, known as Wyverns.[1]

Origins and DistributionEdit

There are found in many temperate parts of Titan, most notably in the Moonstone Hills, the Vale of Willow and Darkwood Forest in Allansia. Whilst their presence in the Old World and Khul is almost as muted as that of their larger cousins, a type of Wyvern, known as the Fog Wyvern, does inhabit the world of Amarillia.

Their exact origins are unknown. It might be supposed that they are the results of a god trying to mimic Kilanirax, or possibly some horrendous devolutionary process, but the facts are noticeably absent.


Wyverns are small compared to Dragons, barely ten metres long and lacking both forelimbs and typical Draconic intelligence. Their bipedal nature makes them look more like scaly birds than winged lizards, but they retain most of the features common to Dragon-races; including a long tail, a terrible bite, and often a plethora of horns or spikes around their heads and down their spines.


A Wyvern from Darkwood Forest

The typical Wyvern is green or brown, lighter on the underside, with red eyes that gleam with animal cunning. This colouring makes them particularly well camouflaged in most of the environments in which they live, which, combined with their keen senses, make them very good hunters.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Wyverns open their attack by breathing fire at their nearest opponent, though they cannot keep up a continuous stream of it for more than a few seconds. Its target must Test for Luck to evade the flame, or lose 4 stamina points. Usually, a Wyvern will land to attack rather than stay in the air.

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