A Xen-Viper is believed by many to be a highly adaptable - and quite recent - creation of the Caarth, since they share physiological similarities with other such beings as well as ideological ones, and are known to serve other reptilian races.[1] However, given both this facet of their personality and the fact that they are warm-blooded has led some to suggest that they are in fact a species that has evolved naturally or been created by a god, perhaps the Snake Goddess Vermistra.

Despite being covered with scales and lapsing into a hiss-filled variant of the Common Tongue in times of stress, a Xen-Viper possesses an extraordinary ability to blend in, its disguises often going unnoticed save by fellow masters of this art. This makes Xen-Vipers extremely adept assassins and spies, as was the case with Lishek, a female who served under Karam Gruul for a short period of time.

Xen-Vipers make extensive use of poison as a means of spreading death, discharging a highly potent toxin from a pair of retractable fangs, this adaptation enabling them to fit it far more easily. A Xen-Viper requires several hours to "regenerate" its poison should it be discharged all at once, in common with other Poisonous Snakes.

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