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Zagoula is the ancient city at the edge of the Mlubz Desert.[1]

Its people are pictured by the peoples of Neuberg as being swarthy faced, most often clad in light robes and sandals. Zagoula was founded in 1611OT at first as a garrison to keep watch over the Southern Tribes and Goblins. However, such was the wealth of the kingdom that the best stonemasons and architects were used in its design and became a beautiful place, a haven for scholars, artists and sorcerers. It became known as the "City of Knowledge".

Once the pride of Khul, this city was all but abandoned during the Great War and is now a terrifying place, having been taken over by the priests of the Howling Gods. Much of the original city lies under the sands that continually threaten to engulf it. The sorcerers and sages of Zagoula began travelling the world in 1630OT, north to study the Goblins around Mlubz, south via Yaziel and Hyennish and also into the Scythera Desert.

A party of five made up of sorcerers and warriors from Zagoula were those that eventually rediscovered The Dead City unleashing the Chaos within. One of the adventurers survived as far as Klarash, found on the road between Yaziel and Zagoula by a merchant. He died at the point but told his story having killed and eaten his fellows to survive the crossing of the desert.

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