Zanbar Bone
skill N/A
stamina N/A
Preferred Weapon Touch (see below) or Magic
Homeland Astral Planes
Race/Species Greater Undead

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Zanbar Bone, also known as the Night Prince, is the primary antagonist of the books City of Thieves.[1] and The Port of Peril[2]


Zanbar Bone is described as a green-eyed Skeleton wearing a golden crown and a black robe.[3] (The illustrations from City of Thieves shows him with horns, claws and Cat-like eyes, wearing a robe and a cloak, and a diadem instead of a crown.) By the time of The Port of Peril, his spiked skull was twice its previous size and he had grown bat-like wings and cloven hooves.[4]

Zanbar Bone's true nature remains unknown, as he had common characteristics with a Warlock , a Lich and a Demon. According to his title he was bound to be an highly powerful Evil force and a book in Yaztromo's Tower described him as a Skeleton Demon.


Zanbar Bone was born in Fang to two merchants who were secretly members of a cult worshipping the Demon Princes. He attended the Magic School of Yore and subsequently developed a bitter rivalry with Yaztromo and Nicodemus, seeking to defeat them with the power of dark magic. However, his former mentor Vermithrax Moonchaser severely wounded him in a firestorm battle of magic and reduced him to a barely living skeleton.

Bone was not seen again for decades, finally reappearing as a Skeleton Demon and attempting to take control of parts of northern Allansia.[5]

From his tower near the notorious city of Port Blacksand, he used a number of Spirit Stalkers as messengers or lackeys and several Moondogs as hunters and slayers. He had numerous other undead and demonic followers, such as a female Vampire and minor sorcerers and witches, under his command.

At one point before the beginning of City of Thieves, Bone sent his Spirit Stalkers to Silverton, wanting the townspeople to give him Mirelle Carralif, Mayor Owen Carralif's daughter for reasons unknown. Infuriated by Carralif's refusal, Bone sent his Moondogs to Silverton each night to kill as many people as possible. Because of this, Carralif hired the hero to kill the Night Prince, in order to save Silverton.[6]

Zanbar Bone (The Port of Peril)

Zanbar Bone in The Port of Peril

Some time later, Zanbar Bone's Spirit Stalkers assisted Lord Azzur in returning their master from the Demon Plane.[7] Their plan was foiled when the Night Prince's physical form was destroyed, but Nicodemus believed that he would return[8] and that the magic which banished him before would not be sufficient this time, if he had been elevated to the ranks of the Demon Princes.[9]


Zanbar Bone had neither skill nor stamina; fighting him was a matter of tests and choices. First of all, his magical powers needed to be overcome, which presented its own challenge due to their potency.

During the day, Zanbar Bone existed on another plane and could only be defeated after sunset. Although his physical form could be damaged through main force, this would not truly harm him and would provide only a temporary respite.[10] To banish him to the Demonic Plane, his opponent had to strike him to the heart with a silver arrow,[11] thus paralyzing him for about a minute, and apply a magic powder mixture on his eyes. A failed shot or a wrong choice lead to immediate defeat.[12]

Additionally, the Night Prince had many magical powers at his disposal, particularly necromantic spells. He was able to see and speak at any location inside his tower, to curse or bewitch objects, to create Skeleton Warriors with his own teeth, and to cast illusions to cloak his presence.[13] His most prominent powers are his hypnotic gaze and his ability to absorb people's lifeforce by a mere touch (turning his victims into undead under his command).[14]

Further NotesEdit

  • The life absorbing touch and the need of an Anti-Illusions Ring before facing him are characteristics he shares with Razaak, who is likewise a Greater Undead and necromancer.
  • The fact that the player "meets" a black Cat at the very beginning of the adventure and that there is a black Cat among the illusions in Zanbar Bone's room may either be a coincidence or means that the Night Prince likes to transform into a black Cat.

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