skill 10
stamina 8
Race/Species Human
Gender Male

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Zune is the priest of Ashra and Vuh, serving as advisor to Chief Telad of Ekaad, and a man troubled by the mention or sight of sorcery, believing old legends that all sorcerers are agents of Elim and Evil.[1]

However, he is willing to accept that elements of these legends are wrong - but not that Elim was not responsible for the War of the Wizards - and admits that the Young Gods of the Celestial Court may have some merit, since their servants appeared to have been successful in defeating the armies of Chaos.

It is unknown how he and Aldar Durrant of Kaad work together in relation to worship of Ashra and Vuh, and Hamaskis respectively. He is also the keeper of the Staff of Ashra.

Special SkillsEdit

Zune is capable of using magic and has the following spells in his arsenal: All Heal, Bless, Bravery, Consecrate, Counter-Spell, Holy Command, Most Blessed, stamina, and Ward.

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